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New WWI-spec 1917 Water Cooled and 1919 Tank/Cavalry Guns Available Soon!
Home of the Dual Feed Brownings
The Revolutionary 1919A4 DUAL FEED
Featured in the January 2009 issue of Small Arms Review magazine!

Built on a semi custom basis, the 1919A4 Dual Feed is available now! Only ten more of these high quality  firearms are planned. Don't let the opportunity slip by. These will no doubt become highly sought after  by collectors and shooters. And for you water cooled fans, we are offering the1917A1 Dual Feed as well!  (Pending new water jacket production.)
Here is an example of our other products.
Repro Rear Sights, original Top Covers and Top Plate Latches are no longer available! Original Rear Sights are available from BMG Parts Co., Inc.

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