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Dispay Guns (Non-Firing)
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Our "Dummy" Guns are the finest on the market. These are made of real steel, no aluminum. No drive screws, real rivets. We build our non-firing guns with the same attention to detail and finish as our live semi autos. It's extremely difficult to tell that these are not live, without the most careful inspection. We have done some 1917A1 water cooled versions as well (see below), and even WWI receiver style. Prices will vary with the model, but our basic 1919A4 starts at $1600 with parkerized finish. Below are pictures of some of the many Display Guns we have made for our customers. We try to have one available, ready to ship most of the time, but can have one ready in a week or two at most. Let us know your requirements. 


Here is an example of one of our Display Water Cooled 1917A1s. This one features a mil-spec, bronze capped water jacket and original rear sight, and is top of the line. Less expensive, all steel jacket option is available. Like our air cooled versions, these display guns are virtually indistinguishable from a live gun, with only a couple of areas where there are clues if you know what to look for. Made from riveted steel construction, no aluminum, no drive screws, with all the same care and attention to detail that we put into our live, semi auto guns. If you are looking for a realistic water cooled gun for your vehicle or other display, give us a call to discuss options and pricing.


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