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The 1919A4 DUAL FEED

The 1919A4 DUAL FEED
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The Browning 1919A4 carries with it a legend that began in World War I. Based  on the 1917 water cooled gun, the A4 was the standard machine gun of our  armed  forces through WWII and Korea. The last and most versatile incarnation  of the Browning air cooled guns was the M37 tank gun of the mid fifties, with its  reversible feed capability. While this is a rare and valued gun today, it also is  visibly different from the popular 1919A4 in its external appearance. This might  add to the appeal for the tank gun owner. Unless you are one of the many  individuals who loves the simple lines of the A4, and yet wishes for the ability to  feed one from the right side, for dual mount applications.
Introducing the 1919A4 Dual Feed

Standard Model Retail, $3,995
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In limited production, we are now offering the answer to a challenge faced by many belt fed shooters who have made or purchased a dual gun mount for the Browning. Before now, it was necessary to space the guns far apart in order to allow room for feeding the right hand gun in between, still from the left side. The 1919A4 Dual Feed utilizes the M37’s famous capability inside, while retaining the normal A4 exterior lines. In outward appearance, the subtle differences from a standard 1919 are hardly noticeable. This is precisely what we sought to achieve. For the discriminating shooter who takes pride in having the uncommon firearm among his or her collection, the Dual Feed guns will be made with a number of available options to suit the owner’s taste. Jacket style and barrel length are among the choices. Each gun is built carefully by hand at Rogue Island Arsenal’s facility in Eugene, OR. The development of 1919A4 Dual Feed is the work of Browning enthusiast Rollin Lofdahl. Having set an industry standard with their fine line of Browning side plates, Halo Mfg was the choice to provide their established quality in combination with Rollin’s innovative hybrid concept and experience. The result is a unique product offering for the Browning belt fed enthusiast, and a new standard of excellence known as Rogue Island Arsenal.

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And for water cooled fans, the 1917A1 Dual Feed is also available.

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