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Here is an example of one of our 1917A1 Water Cooled builds, in USGI spec. New made components include both side plates, water jacket, and of course our beautiful reproduction rear sight! 
And here is a recent 1917A1 build in our hand finished Rust Blue.
What about original rear sight availability?
Our reproduction rear sights have been a great success! That being said, recently a supply of original 1917A1 rear sights has become available and we have access to these. Condition varies, but most are in excellent condition. Our beautiful repros are now almost gone, and we are using them only on the complete gun builds available from Rogue Island Arsenal.

3/16/2016 UPDATE: Our supply of original WWII, Rock Island Arsenal manufactured top covers for the 1917A1 is exhausted, except a few committed for gun builds currently on order. Our old price of $135 is now less than what our last supplier is raising our replacement cost up to. They tell us they are all but out, themselves. We have a plan B, don't worry, but it will be a while before we can make these available again.
And we face the same circumstance with the original 1917A1 Top Latches as well, the new cost higher that what we have retailed these at until recently. We need all we have left for the gun builds, so we can no longer offer these for general sale. We are working on a new supply, but cannot quote a price just yet. 
Lastly, we are the only supplier of the windage spring and the mounting pin for the 1917A1 sight assembly. In addition, we now have our own, new made Windage Screws, as the supply of originals is gone. The spring is $5 and the pin $8, or $12 for both. New windage screws are $25. Add $4 shipping for these items.  We will soon be restocking on the movable base and springs for the windage assembly. For now, we can still supply the complete windage screw assemblies at $60 shipped. 

Top Covers, in original cosmoline, just out of the wrap.



Typical Cover, after cleaning. Most will have the feed lever pivot bushing and nut, as shown here.


Top Latches- NOS!


Here are examples of our reproduction rear sights!



Here are two variations on finish.

Above: Blued with white lacquer lettering.

Left: Parkerized with face polished back to bare steel.

1917a1rearsightassy3.jpgYou can e-mail us at:

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